Reorganization Petition

We will turn in the signatures and signed affidavits required to put the reorganization vote on the ballot.  Then the process will be continued by the AEA to set the date for election, for people to ask for a change to the proposed map and any other items.  We needed 210 signatures and have received 237.  Algona has also met their numbers (with around 40 extra).  Mr. Carter and Mr. Hueser removed any duplicates and Wednesday it was delivered to the Prairie Lakes AEA (PLAEA).  We would like to thank everyone for collecting the signatures so this process can move ahead. We would also like to thank everyone who signed the petitions. 


From this point forward the work (for the election) is done by PLAEA.  They will be doing the following:


1. PLAEA must, within 10 days of receipt of the petition, set deadline for filing objections to the petition (as long as the local plan complies with the AEA plan).  It cannot be more than 60 days after the petition was filed.

2.  PLAEA must set a hearing on the petition (must be within 10 days of the deadline for filing objections).

3.  At least 10 days before the deadline for filing objections, PLAEA must public notice in the local newspaper of that deadline. 

4.  The PLAEA holds a hearing on any objections (boundary objections).

5.  PLAEA, after the hearing, will publish a notice of appeal of any changes (only affected school districts may appeal their decisions). 

6.  PLAEA chief will then give written notice of the election to the county commissioner of elections (assuming no appeal) - calling for the date of the special election. 


We will continue to keep you informed as we move forward with this process. If anybody has questions we have a web page which explains much of this or they can contact Mr. Carter or Mr. Hueser with any questions. 

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